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The Feast of Saint Bertie
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Roberta Denys thinks it will be a simple matter to abandon her affluent Silicon Valley lifestyle in favor of a holy, devout life in solitude. After her husband's death, she gives her wealth to charity and moves into an old gardener's shed in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California. But a lost son and a series of arson fires leave her holding the pieces of a life she never knew was broken. Can she find both God and her son? Is it possible to find one without the other?


To Dance In the Desert
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"It's not a safe world," he had told her again and again, and she had learned, and kept her distance from it.

Well, it is not a safe world and Dara Murphy Brogan knew it better than most, which is exactly why she had tucked herself away in a back-roads desert valley. Hadn’t she chosen this valley because it was far, far away from anyone who may have seen the news? So what was this, this trespasser, this interloper, this whacked-out earth mother doing dancing outside her window? Celebrating life and the Spirit in a way Dara never could have dreamed. Until she opened her door and met Jane Cameron.

"Every so often a new writer comes along with a distinctive and imaginative voice. Kathleen Popa is just such a writer."
-Gayle Roper, Author of A Strangers Wish and Fatal Deduction